Dog Bathing and Miscellaneous

Happy customer drop off at Coastal Pet SittersCoastal Pet Sitters services, including dog bathing, are tailored to provide the best possible care to ensure your pet stays healthy and happy while you are away!

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Come home from your trip to a clean dog. Provide us a place and we take care of the rest. Or, reserve us to bathe your dog any other time; one time or schedule with us for regular baths.

We will bathe, dry and brush your dog and all you need to do is supply us the shampoo, towel and brush.

Dog Bathing

Service Rate
Dog Bath (0-30 lbs) $25
Dog Bath (31-50 lbs) $30
Dog Bath (51+ lbs) $35

*If suitable bathing area available. Owner supplies all shampoos, towels, etc.
Pricing is quoted for dog bathing at the end of vacation visits.

Quick stops are ideal for mid-day bathroom break for your dog. It is also useful for younger puppies to do a “quick check” on them. Don’t worry, if you don’t have time to make a copy of your house key, we can do it for you.

Miscellaneous Rate Information

Service Rate
Consultation Free
Holidays Add $10 for 1-2 visits per day.  Add $15 for 3 visits per day or overnight stays
Quick Stops (10-15 mins) $25 (1x/day) $50 (2x/day)
Cat Pills/Shots Pills: $1/dose;  Shots: $2/shot
Mileage $0.56/mile beyond 15 miles from origin zip code.
Key Pickup/Return/Copy $10 each
Cancellations Total of the first day’s visits if less than 24 hours,
25% of total invoice if less than 48 hours.