We have never used pet sitting services before. How do services work?

Our pet sitting services are offered as an alternative to boarding your pets in a kennel. Because your pet sitter comes to your home, your pets remain in the comfort of their familiar surroundings, sleep in their own beds, eat their own foods, and are surrounded by the same sights & smells as is part of their every day routine. During visits, your pet sitter will spend time with your pets, feed and water them, play with them, clean your yard and/or litter boxes, and administer any medications as needed. Your pet sitter will also perform additional services such as blind/light rotation, mail & newspaper pickup, water plants, or other customized task you would like performed. We believe pets fare better emotionally when staying in the comfort of their own homes during your absence which results in a more comfortable, relaxed pet upon your return! Your sitter will NEVER show up in a marked car to make it known to neighbors that you are out of town and using a pet sitter. Please always tell your close neighbors that you have a pet sitter coming to your house to avoid suspicion while your house is in our care.